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Séminaires généraux

New physics hunting with top quarks

by Dr Géraldine Servant (CERN-TH)

Salle 101 (LAL)

Salle 101


In theories that provide a mechanism for mass generation, we expect new physics to have a large coupling to the top quark. It is therefore natural to use top quark observables to test the mechanism responsible for electroweak symmetry breaking. In this talk, I will present signatures of top-philic new physics, in particular the production of fermionic top partners at the LHC, stressing the theoretical motivations in the context of composite Higgs models. I will also discuss general model independent LHC constraints that can be set on effective dimension-six operators affecting t¯ t, tt, t¯ th and four-top production. I’ll mention as well potential cosmological implications of top philic new physics.