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Salle 101 (Universe)

Salle 101


Bat 200 LAL-Orsay
Please download the latest version of the draft.

v4) This is the version 18 of June (to be distributed at the defense) : v_june18.pdf

Summary of the corrections made since the version os 22nd of May
1) The table in PartI-Chap4 is completed. 
2) Latest results on the Bs-> mu+mu- and discussions are added at the end of PartI-Chap3.
3) Latest results on the Bs mixing phase and discussions are added at the end of Part V. 
4) A new chapter to discuss more details of the hadronic  uncertainties in SUSY search with b-> sss channel added at the end of PartIII-Chap3 (as Section4.4). 
5) PartIII-Chap4: for the outdated data, new data are added in the footnote. Some comments are also made in the footnotes of each conclusions to explain the recent situations.
6) Comment on the higher Fock states for eta' is added in the footnote in page 43.  
7) Incomplete formulae are corrected (Eqs. II-3-18 and II-3-19). 
8) Large Nc couting did not correspond to the figure. Counting is modified (Page 41). 

v3) This is the version 13 of June (printed and sent to the jury members) : v_june13.pdf  
v2) This is the version 22th of May (printed and sent to the referees): v_may22
v1) This is the version 18th of May: v_may18

Thank you very much!

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