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Lecture on Higgs Effective Field Theory (A. Falkowski)

Salle Bleu (LAL)

Salle Bleu


Monday, September 22, 14:30 - 17:00 (Salle Bleu, Bat. 200, LAL) "Effective Theory for the Higgs", Adam Falkowski (LPT, Orsay) Abstract: I will discuss interpretation of the LHC Higgs data in the framework of effective field theories. Assuming there's no new light particles beyond those of the SM, this framework allows one to describe the data in a completely model-independent way. At the technical level, this involves extending the SM Lagrangian by higher-dimensional operators constructed out of the SM fields. These operators encode the possible effects of new heavy particles in a systematic expansion in operator dimensions, with the leading effects expected from dimension-6 operators. In the talk I will describe the connection of the effective Lagrangian to Higgs observables. In general, the number of parameters involved can be humongous, and I will discuss the ways to make the experimental analysis tractable. I will also discuss the synergy between the Higgs data and electroweak precision observables.