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Conférences grand public suite aux découvertes des ondes gravitationnelles

Séminaire IPNO

by Dr Nicolas Arnaud (LAL)

IPN Orsay

IPN Orsay

After a few years of upgrade, the two Advanced LIGO detectors started taking data in September 2015 and shortly after recorded the first directly-detected gravitational wave signal. The discovery was announced on February 11, 2016 by the LIGO scientific collaboration and the Virgo collaboration, which have been analyzing their data together since 2007. In this talk, I will start by reviewing the main gravitational wave sources. Then, I will describe the upgraded interferometric detectors and focus on the detection itself: how the signal was identified, how its significance was established and what physical information can be extracted from this single event. Finally, I will conclude on the prospects of the worldwide network of advanced detectors for the coming years.