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by Toshiaki Tauchi et Junji Urakawa

Salle 101 (LAL)

Salle 101


Toshiaki Tauchi Title : The ATF2 project at KEK, Japan ATF2 is a final focus facility at the ATF/KEK for ILC. Two major goals of ATF2 are (1) achievement and maintenance of 37nm beam size with a compact final focus optics based on the local chromaticity correction scheme and (2) control of vertical position jitter at nanometer level at IP. The ATF2 has been approved as an international project with budgetary sharing in three regions of Asia, Europe and North America. The ATF2 would be a case of miniature ILC. The construction period of ATF2 is two years for 2005 and 2006. So, the commissioning will start in February 2007. The status of the ATF2 project will be presented. Junji Urakawa Title : Polarized positron generation scheme for ILC We studied the proof of principle experiment on polarized positron generation. Next step is an possible design for ILC polarized positron beam. I will try to make the design and give the explanation in detail. Also, a possible real experiment at ATF will be proposed.
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