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GDR QCD 2017

from Monday, 4 December 2017 (09:15) to Wednesday, 6 December 2017 (12:15)
Orme des Merisiers (Amphi Bloch)

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4 Dec 2017
5 Dec 2017
6 Dec 2017
Sondes dures et hadronisation des jets (until 10:45) (Amphi Bloch)
09:15 Welcome   (Amphi Bloch)
09:25 CMS results in heavy-ion collisions - Javier Blanco   (Amphi Bloch)
10:00 New perspectives in QCD with jet substricture - Grégory Soyez   (Amphi Bloch)
10:45 --- Pause café ---
Sondes dures et hadronisation des jets (until 12:45) (Amphi Bloch)
11:15 Heavy quark mass effects in Monte Carlo generation - Davide Napoletano   (Amphi Bloch)
11:45 J/psi suppression in PbPb collisions with CMS - Andre stahl   (Amphi Bloch)
12:15 Perspectives and remarks on MPI related studies at the (HL)-LHC - Michael Winn   (Amphi Bloch)
Physique de la saturation et effets collectifs dans les nucléons et noyaux (until 10:45) (Amphi Bloch)
09:15 Ultra-forward particle production from CGC + Lund fragmentation - Pablo Guerrero Rodriguez   (Amphi Bloch)
09:45 Moving to NLO accuracy in the saturation formalism - Bertrand Ducloué   (Amphi Bloch)
10:15 NLO description of exclusive diffractive processes with saturation effects - Renaud Boussarie   (Amphi Bloch)
10:45 --- Pause café ---
Physique de la saturation et effets collectifs dans les nucléons et noyaux (until 12:45) (Amphi Bloch)
11:15 Dihadron angular correlation in pp, pA and AA collisions - Shu-Yi Wei   (Amphi Bloch)
11:45 High-energy resummation in two heavy-quark pairs production in photon-photon collisions - Dmitri Ivanov   (Amphi Bloch)
12:15 QCD resummation effects in inclusive production of a forward J/psi and a backward jet at the LHC - Lech Szymanowski   (Amphi Bloch)
QCD à basse énergie (until 10:45) (Amphi Bloch)
09:15 Complex Langevin simulations of a finite density matrix model for QCD - Savvas Zafeiropoulos   (Amphi Bloch)
09:45 Hadronic light-by-light scattering contribution to the anomalous moment of the muon from lattice QCD - Antoine Gérardin   (Amphi Bloch)
10:15 Small parameters in infrared QCD - Marcella Pelaez   (Amphi Bloch)
10:45 --- Pause café ---
QCD à basse énergie (until 12:15) (Amphi Bloch)
11:15 Electric dipole moment of tee neutron: experimental status - Stéphanie Roccia   (Amphi Bloch)
11:45 Narrow-width tetraquarks in large-N_c QCD - Hagop Sazdjian   (Amphi Bloch)
12:45 --- Déjeuner ---
Prospectives sur les observables de l'interaction forte (until 15:30) (Amphi Bloch)
14:00 Nuclear PDFs and the EIC - Pia Zurita   (Amphi Bloch)
14:30 Precise determination of gluon (anti-)shadowing in nuclei with heavy flavor data - Hua-Sheng Shao   (Amphi Bloch)
15:00 Heavy-ion perspectives with LHCb - Michael Winn   (Amphi Bloch)
15:30 --- Pause café ---
Prospectives sur les observables de l'interaction forte (until 17:30) (Amphi Bloch)
16:00 The Electron-Ion Collider project, toward the next QCD Frontier - Raphaël Dupré   (Amphi Bloch)
16:30 The ALICE upgrade program - Antonio Uras   (Amphi Bloch)
17:00 Selected aspects of Baryon Spectroscopy in the light quark sector - Hartmut Schmieden   (Amphi Bloch)
12:45 --- Déjeuner ---
Interactions simples et multiples entre partons dans les nucléons (until 15:40) (Amphi Bloch)
14:00 First measurement of transverse-spin-dependent azimuthal asymmetries in the Drell-Yan process - Stéphane Platchkov   (Amphi Bloch)
14:30 Monte-Carlo event generation with radiative QED processes in deep-inelastic scattering - Nicolas Pierre   (Amphi Bloch)
14:50 Scale dependent hadrons light front wave function - Arkadiusz Trawinski   (Amphi Bloch)
15:20 Hard photoproduction of a diphoton with a large invariant mass - Aleksandra Pedrak   (Amphi Bloch)
15:40 --- Pause café ---
Interactions simples et multiples entre partons dans les nucléons (until 17:30) (Amphi Bloch)
16:00 Covariant extension of the GPD overlap representation at low Fock states - Nabil Chouika   (Amphi Bloch)
16:30 Parton distribution amplitudes: revealing diquarks in the proton and Roper resonances - Cédric Mezrag   (Amphi Bloch)
17:00 Hadron energy-momentum tensor and mass decomposition - Cédric Lorcé   (Amphi Bloch)
17:30 --- Tqble ronde ---