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Nuclear physics with antiprotons: a theory endeavor

Room 135, b. 703 (CEA Ormes des merisiers)

Room 135, b. 703

CEA Ormes des merisiers

https://esnt.cea.fr/index.php?id=15&ref=1 CEA-Saclay, DRF IRFU DPhN Département de Physique Nucléaire building 703, Orme des Merisiers F-91191 France.

Organizers: Guillaume Hupin (IPNO, contact), U. (Bira) van Kolck (IPNO).
Co-organizers for the working group: Rimantas Lazauskas (CNRS/IPHC), Jaume Carbonell (IPNO).


The main goals of the workshop are:

  1. To disseminate the current status and planned progress of the work of each members of the consortium and their collaborators.
  2. To make practical steps on formal and numerical implementation of the modeling of antiprotonic states and reactions.
  3. To foster an international collaboration on nuclear physics with antiprotons around the theory groups of Orsay/Saclay and Strasbourg.

N.B. A second session will be scheduled during one week in 2022.



Alexandre Obertelli (TU Darmstadt)  (online) --- Welcome address. The PUMA experiment

Rimantas Lazauskas (IPHC Strasbourg) --- Protonium and d-Nbar calculations with Faddeev-Yakubovsky equations (TBU)

Jérémy Dohet-Eraly (ULB Brussels) --- Three-body systems by the Lagrange-mesh method

Paul Indelicato (LKB, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie) --- MCDF precision atomic structure and cascade calculations of exotic atoms

Petr Navrátil (TRIUMF)  (online) --- Ab initio nuclear structure and reactions

Rob Timmermans (University of Groningen) --- The antinucleon-nucleon interaction

Benoît Loiseau (LPNHE) --- The Paris nucleon-antinucleon potential and Baryonia

Slawomir Wycech (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Warsaw) --- Hadronisation, understanding of old experiments

More information on: https://esnt.cea.fr/Phocea/Page/index.php?id=92

Nuclear physics with antiprotons: a theory endevor
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