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Séminaires transverses

Searching for long-lived particles from LSPs at colliders

by Essodjolo Kpatcha (IJCLab)

Amphi 1 - Bât.210 (IJCLab)

Amphi 1 - Bât.210



The minimal susy extension of the standard model including right-handed neutrino can simultaneously address the neutrino problem and explain the higgs data. Due to the smallness of the neutrino Yukawa coupling in the model, the magnitude of the R-parity violating interactions are also very small, leading to the lightest susy particles (LSPs) that are long lived, and that can be probed at the current and upcoming accelerator experiments. In this talk, I discuss different types of LSP scenarios, and show how some of them can explain the muon g-2 data. Within  this framework, I will also discuss possible candidates for dark matter.