Min Si "Beta-decay spectroscopy of exotic nuclei around 132Sn"

200/0-Auditorium - Auditorium P. Lehmann (IJCLab)

200/0-Auditorium - Auditorium P. Lehmann


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Beta-decay spectroscopy of exotic nuclei around 132Sn

Abstract : 

This thesis work reports on the beta-decay spectroscopy of 136Sb,137Te, and 139Te nuclei beyond the doubly-magic 132Sn. The experiments on 136Sb and 137Te are performed at the Lohengrin spectrometer, ILL laboratory using a moveable tape system combined with HpGe clover detectors and plastic detectors. The experiment on the first beta-decay spectroscopy of 139Te is performed at the RIBF, RIKEN laboratory using the WASABI and EURICA detector systems. For the beta decay spectroscopy, the ion-beta-gamma correlation method is employed to reconstruct the beta-decay events. 

The half-lives and Pn values of these nuclei are obtained together with the newly established beta-delayed level schemes for the daughter nuclei. These experimental results complement our knowledge of this mass region with several new spectroscopic findings. They are also used to compare with large-scale shell model calculations and provide essential information on the first-forbidden transitions beyond N=82 and Z=50.


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Directeurs de thèse :
-Dr. Radomira LOZEVA et Dr. Alain ASTIER
Université Paris-Saclay, IJCLab

Membres du jury:
-Prof. Elias KHAN
Professeur, Université Paris-Saclay, IJCLab
- Dr. Nadine REDON - Rapportrice & Examinatrice
Directrice de Recherche, Université Lyon 1, IP2I
-Dr. Muriel FALLOT - Rapportrice & Examinatrice
Maitre de Conférences (HDR), Université de Nantes, SUBATECH
-Prof. Xiaohong ZHOU - Examinateur
Professeur, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, IMP