PEPS Theory- Experiment interplay focus week: semi-leptonic and radiative B decays

LPT (Build. 210) & LAL (Build. 200, 208)

LPT (Build. 210) & LAL (Build. 200, 208)

Université Paris-Sud 11 91898 Orsay cedex
This is the first meeting of LAL-LPT joint project on flavour physics (PEPS: INP-IN2P3 interdisciplinary project). We organize two weeks of focus week on the semi-leptonic and radiative B decays, within and beyond the Standard Model. Experimental and theoretical issues of these decays will be discussed. We have a one seminar in the morning and one informal discussion in afternoon. On 10th of Dec. LAL will organize a colloquium for celebrating Prix EPS 2009 for the Gargamelle Collaboration. The participants are kindly invited to this meeting ( ). Invited speakers: D. Guadagnoli (Munich) J. Kamenik (Stefan inst.) W. Altmanshoffer (Munich) F. Domingo (Karlsruhe) F. De Fazio (Bari) S. Pokorski (Warsaw) How to come to LPT: How to come to LAL: