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Challenges for data science initiatives – an innovation management perspective

Jun 30, 2014, 5:10 PM


Akin Kazakci (Mines ParisTech)


Center for Data-Science (CDS) initiatives seem to pop up all around the globe at the moment. Considering the data deluge phenomena, the motivation behind such initiatives may seem trivial. However, a closer look reveals that the purpose, success conditions and managerial principles for CDS initiatives are much less clear. CDSs are neither private companies, nor traditional research entities. What would be a suitable organizational model and philosophy – designed to avoid pitfalls other science-based movements have faced in the history? Beyond the seemingly trivial purpose of being (analytical) service providers, each such initiative needs to build their own strategy for survival, success and long-term impact. They also need to accomplish this feat in a way to differentiate themselves from other initiatives. To this end, the body of knowledge produced by management science in the form of methods, organizational models and best practices can be helpful. This talk will focus on some potential pitfalls and the potential contribution of design theory and innovation management methods for CDS initiatives.

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