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RAMP 01 HiggsML



200 rue André Ampère 91 440 Bures-sur-Yvette
Akin Kazakci (MINES ParisTech), Alexandre Gramfort (Telecom ParisTech, CNRS), Balázs Kégl (LAL), Djalel Benbouzid (LAL, Université Paris-Sud), Gábor Melis (Franz Inc), Loïc Estève (INRIA)

This is the first event of a series of bootcamps that the CDS is launching. This first session is about

  • a gentle introduction to practical machine learning,
  • through a concrete application to the Higgs-ML challenge data (ATLAS experiment). 

We will be alternating working sessions with presentations and discussions.
We are delighted to welcome the special guest of this session, Gábor Melis, who recently won the Higgs-ML competition held by Kaggle.com.

The documentation of the Higgs-ML challenge can be found at http://higgsml.lal.in2p3.fr/documentation/, it is highly recommand to read it before starting the bootcamp.

The event will take place at Proto204, a 10 minute walk from either the Orsay-Ville or the Bur-sur-Yvette RER B stations.

    • Welcome of participants & Coffee
    • Introduction talk
    • Data munging and machine learning session 1
    • Buffet & presentation of the first results
    • Data munging and machine learning session 2
    • Café
    • Data munging and machine learning session 3
    • Debriefing and closing