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Séminaires du pôle accélérateurs

Latest trends in additive manufacturing and Additive manufacturing applied to accelerators

by Maurizio Vedani (Polimi), Toms Torims (CERN and Riga Technical University)

100/-1-A900 - Auditorium Joliot Curie (IJCLab)

100/-1-A900 - Auditorium Joliot Curie


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The seminar will cover three major topics, the first part is aimed at presenting the latest trends in additive manufacturing, considering different technologies and how they have been developed in recent times to address special needs for various applications.

In the second part, additive manufacturing applications for particle accelerators will be presented, as a first output of I.FAST project. I.FAST is an EU-funded Innovation Pilot project dealing with Innovation Fostering in Accelerator Science and Technology. A significant topic of this 4-year project is focussed on Additive Manufacturing technologies. Specifically, activities aimed at identifying current AM applications and potential developments, refurbishment of accelerator components by AM and development of superconductive RF cavities are currently in progress.

The proposed presentation will give a summary of the running activities concerned with AM technologies applied to the accelerator sector. Examples of known successful applications relevant for accelerators will be described and scientific results so far achieved for the design and manufacturing of accelerator components will be discussed.

Authors: F. Brückner1, G. Pikurs2, A. Ratkus2, T. Torims2, M. Vedani3

1 Fraunhofer IWS

2 Riga Technical University /CERN

3 Politecnico di Milano – Department of Mechanical Engineering