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Jul 3 – 21, 2023
Institut Pascal
Europe/Paris timezone

This is the sixth meeting of the Interstellar Institute, where we explore the many facets of the multi-phase, multi-process and multi-scale physics involved in the evolution of interstellar matter in galaxies. These sessions are designed as moments where numerical, theoretical, methodological and observational results are being put together by close interactions between several actors of the field, to tackle ISM problems, at all scales, investigating every process involved in the overall gas and dust evolution in galaxies.

Current interstellar studies are happening in the very stimulating context of a significant increase of observational diagnostics and performances (e.g. new JWST results, the rise of new radio-astronomical facilities...), combined with the rapid growing complexity of numerical experiments and the development by the astronomical community of data analysis techniques allowing new multi-dimensional explorations.

The Interstellar Institute was created as an answer to the inherent difficulty of studying the utterly complex and diverse interstellar physics. Its scientific scope is interstellar medium physics in general, with a focus on the Milky Way, the galactic halo and nearby galaxies. The Interstellar Institute meetings aim to bring together experts in anything interstellar : gas, dust, cosmic rays, magnetic field, turbulence, star formation, feedback, ... Similarly to the past meetings, this year's session will focus on reaching a balance between multi-wavelength observations, numerical simulations / theory, and data analysis.

for more information : https://interstellarinstitute.org/II6

Institut Pascal
Rue André Rivière 91400 Orsay
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