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May 19, 2021
Europe/Paris timezone

Breakfast with g-2

Tackling muon g-2: theoretical efforts and latest results

In this workshop we will (virtually) bring together theorists and experimentalists to discuss the interpretations of the latest results on the muon g-2 obtained by the Fermilab experiment.

Topics will be:

  • Experimental and theoretical status 

  • Standard Model predictions: Data-driven determinations and Lattice QCD

  • Implications Beyond the Standard Model

Zoom link:  https://ijclab.zoom.us/j/93178935330?pwd=aFRRc1FnMmF0UmdMeHhmSUFiNWhqQT09

This event is organized by the Groupe Transverse "Saveurs: quark et leptons" at IJCLab and by the  GDR Intensity Frontier .

Registration for this event is currently open.