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In recent years there has been a tremendous progress in experimental techniques addressing individual particles (impurities) embedded in quantum many-body environments of varying nature. Examples include static and mobile impurities in ultra cold atomic and molecular gases, impurity atoms and molecules in superfluids, individual atoms in cavity QED, Kondo-like and central spin states in solid-state devices. With exquisite resolution approaching the quantum limit it is now possible to exert local control on the quantum state of a single impurity particle, switching between the impurity’s states in ultra-fast regime. Local structure of the entangled state formed between the impurity and the surrounding medium can be mapped with outstanding spatial resolution. Time-resolved measurements enable using impurities for probing out-of-equilibrium quantum many-body dynamics, quantum diffusion and drag, quenches, and Floquet evolution. One can identify four loosely overlapping communities where work related to the quantum impurity problem is currently underway. Those are in the areas of quantum solid state devices, quantum optics, ultra cold atomic systems, and physical chemistry.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together specialists representing these different streams of research in order to facilitate exchange of results and ideas based on the unifying topic of quantum impurity problems. The ultimate goal is to aggregate a unique body of usually non-overlapping expertise around one central topic in order to create favourable conditions for breakthroughs in physics and engineering of quantum devices at the nano-scale.


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