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ERL Open Seminars

A new series of Open Seminars related to developments in the ERL R&D and applications is organised at IJCLab (Orsay). Both in-person and remote participation using ZOOM will allow the particle and accelerator physics community to be informed about R&D plans and progress, as well as potential applications of the ERL technique in future colliders. The seminars will appear every 2-3 months and are open to everyone in the broad accelerator and particle physics community.

The schedule of the ERL Open Seminars: 

(New date) The Cornell-BNL ERL test accelerator (CBETA): experiences, spinoffs and lessons learned

Prof. Georg Hoffstaetter de Torquat

12th July 2024 at 3PM Paris-Time



The Potential of Energy Recovery Linacs for sustainable accelerator concepts

Oliver Bruning

24th May 2024 at 3PM Paris-Time



Energy-recycling in a multi-turn Energy-Recovery LINAC and Prospects for Photonuclear Reactions

Norbert Pietralla

15th December 2023 at 3PM Paris-Time



Energy Recovery Linacs (ERL): R&D plans and impact

Jorgen D'Hondt

29th September 2023 at 3PM Paris-Time