Topical workshop on LFV decays of the tau

210/1-114 - Salle des Séminaires (IJCLab)

210/1-114 - Salle des Séminaires


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Asmaa Abada-Zeghal (Pôle Théorie IJCLAB), Damir Becirevic (IJCLab - Pôle Théorie), Olcyr Sumensari (IJCLab)
The goal of this workshop is to bring together theorists and experimentalists interested in the Lepton Flavor Violating (LFV) decays of the tau-lepton in order to review on recent progress in both theory and experiment, as well as to discuss about the future prospects. The program of presentations is already fixed and can be found below. They are meant to spur further discussion among participants. If you are interested to participate please register. There is no registration fee.

The workshop will start at 10 AM on the 11th of April and finish on the 12th of April afternoon. An informal workshop dinner is planned for Thursday evening.

To organize this workshop we received support from IJCLab, GDR Intensity Frontier, as well as from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 860881-HIDDeN and No 101086085-ASYMMETRY.

  • Alan Schwartz
  • Ana Luisa Foguel
  • Ana M. Teixeira
  • asmaa abada
  • Asmaa Abada-Zeghal
  • Bachir Moussallam
  • Benoit Blossier
  • Damir Becirevic
  • Enrique Fernandez Martinez
  • Federica Simone
  • Felix Wilsch
  • Flavien Callet
  • Gustavo Sadao Soares Sakoda
  • Guy Wormser
  • Hagop Sazdjian
  • Jing-Ge Shiu
  • Justine Serrano
  • Lais Soares Lavra
  • Laura Zani
  • Luighi Leal
  • Lukas Allwicher
  • Marco Ardu
  • Marta Calvi
  • Mohamed Amine Ouahid
  • Nejc Kosnik
  • Olcyr Sumensari
  • roman miziuk
  • Salvador Rosauro
  • Shaikh Saad
  • Stéphane Lavignac
  • Thomas Long
  • Tommaso Fulghesu
  • Véronique Bernard