ISOL-France Workshop V



Bâtiment A12 3d Floor, Université de Bordeaux, 351 Cours de la Libération, 33405 Talence


The ISOL-France collaboration started in 2017. This collaboration aims at coordinating the scientific strategy at a national level of the low-energy nuclear physics community. 

The goal of the ISOL-France community is the study of the fundamental nuclear properties through the measurement of fundamental nuclear observables (i.e. masses, static electromagnetic moments, mean square charge radii and beta decay) allowing the community to address the big general questions of nuclear physics.

The performances of the low-energy beams coupled to the outstanding experimental devices developed and to be developed (i.e. ion traps, laser spectroscopy set-ups and decay stations, ...), allow to address the following specific questions among others:

1-      How does the nuclear interaction evolve with the isospin? What is the isospin dependence on the spin-orbit interaction? How do the shell closures evolve far away from the stability?

2-      How to explain the collective phenomena from individual nucleon interaction? Can it be possible to describe the effects of spherical mean field and correlations beyond mean field?

3-      Is there physics beyond the Standard Model?

4-      What is the origin of the elements of the universe? What are the nuclei relevant for the astrophysical process? How the nuclear properties affect the nucleosynthesis models?

5-      What is the impact of nuclear physics on other disciplines?

6-      Questions related to Heavy and Super Heavy elements

The main interest of this fifth workshop is to present and to discuss the different advances that the ISOL-France community has carried out in 2022-2023. The workshop is organized in 4 different sessions: RIB production, laser spectroscopy, ion  traps and beta decay. For each session, there will be first an invited review talk, followed by short presentations about the status of the current ISOL-France activities. At the end of each session, some time will be dedicated for general discussions. 


ISOL-France bureau members:

Pauline Ascher (LP2iB)

Lucia Caceres (GANIL)

François Didierjean (IPHC)

Enrique Minaya Ramirez (IJCLab)

  • Anahi Segovia Miranda
  • Antoine de Roubin
  • Anu Kankainen
  • Bertram Blank
  • Carole Gaulard
  • Damien THISSE
  • David Verney
  • Dinko Atanasov
  • Emile Cantacuzène
  • Emmanuel Rey-Herme
  • Enrique Minaya Ramirez
  • Flayol Mathieu
  • Francois Didierjean
  • Francois LE BLANC
  • Georgi Georgiev
  • Gheorghe Iulian Stefan
  • Giovanna Benzoni
  • Guillem Tocabens
  • Hanna Franberg Delahaye
  • Jean-Charles THOMAS
  • Julien Michaud
  • Jérôme Giovinazzo
  • Laurent Daudin
  • Louis Lalanne
  • Lucia CACERES
  • Luis Miguel Motilla Martinez
  • Mathias Gerbaux
  • Maud Versteegen
  • Mikael Reponen
  • Nathalie LECESNE
  • Pauline ASCHER
  • Pierre Chauveau
  • Sarah Naimi
  • Sarina Geldhof
  • Simon Stegemann
  • Sophie Morard
  • Stéphane Grévy
  • Vladimir Manea
  • Wenling Dong
  • Wouter Ryssens
ISOL-France bureau